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Social Media Management - SMM

What is Social Media Management - SMM?

Social Media Marketing, also known as Social Media Management or Social Media Optimization, is the use of social networks by companies and brands to reach out to and engage both potential and existing consumers.
Social media allows companies to generate buzz about their brands, events, products and services, and is unique in that it enables interaction throughout the consumer research and decision journey.
Social media engagements promote brand recall, since news updates, event happenings, deals and promotions etc. can be pushed to prospective users.
Paid advertising on social networks can also be very fruitful because of the level to which you can segregate and target your audience.
You can define your target based on demographics like age, location, interests, job titles, etc. which drastically affect the performance of your campaigns.

Our Social Media Management Services:

  • Account & profile setups
    Use of social media can become incredibly fragmented if the initial setup is not done in a holistic, procedural way.
    Logins get misplaced, accounts duplicated, redundant content is made live.
    Managing these accounts also tends to become haphazard without a proper process in place for tracking ongoing interactions and campaigns.
    We ensure this doesn’t happen and your social profiles are set up in an integrated manner.
  • Paid Campaigns
    We specialize in setting up paid campaigns to get the most out of each unique social network.
    Branding, visibility, reputation management and sales conversions are some of the different objectives paid campaigns might have, so each campaign must be tailored accordingly.

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