The Only Group - E-Commerce in Armenia

What is E-Commerce?

The Only Group's E-commerce Solutions will enable you to start selling your products and services online.
It could be start of a brand new online store or a complement to your existing physical store, in both cases you will enjoy benefits on E-Commerce.
Online stores are operational 24/7, they are opening opportunities to offer your products and services to a worldwide audience.
Our E-commerce solutions allow you to directly engage both local as well as International online consumers.

What we use to develop an online store?

The Back-End of our E-commerce solution is written on Python programming language which is rock-solid reliable and guaranties quick flawless performance.

How will I manage my online store?

Our Content Management System (CMS) acts as a single point of control over your online store, it is very easy in use and requires absolutely no technical or programming experience.
You will be able to add, remove or edit your products and services effortless with just a few mouse clicks.
Moreover, you'll be pleasantly surprised how great are our stock control and financial reports modules for simplifying your accounting and workflow processes.

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We normally respond within 1 - 2 business days.